Hot fun in the summertime (NOT!)

[I usually confess my love/disdain, for summer via a fb status. But...I didn't want to change my status. lol Blogs ARE good for sum'n]

Dear Summer,

I just might be coming down with a cold. I would LOVE to call it a summer cold...


Why for what? Cuz you didn't show up for work like you were supposed! You're like the Milli Vanilli of seasons! Chicago hasn't seen any paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarts* of a 100 degree heat index!

*stacks fists*

On my momma, yo auss is grass!

K to the...

*Kill yo self if you don't know where this comes from

"Muthaluva I'm ILL, not SICK...and I'm ok..."

Fookery for your Friday!