I've said 25,896 times before, and I'll say it again...

This blog was inspired by what was in my work mailbox this sunny Monday morning! Today I ask:

Why don't people READ?

The phrase "reading is fundamental" has been embedded in my brain since I was a baby genius reading at the age of 2 grammar school. When one reads, it eliminates the side-eye he or she will receive because they asked a dumb question that wouldn't have been asked if you would just read!

And you wouldn't wanna receive a side-eye like this, would ya?

So I work for a nonprofit organization*. Since we receive money from the guv'ment...it's a must that we get audited. So the auditors are auditing one of the federal grants I'm in charge of. Yeah, that's right, "in charge of"...I'm kinda the shiznit around these parts, son!!!

Ok...maybe just the 'nit.

Anywho, the auditors need to see copies of paystubs the employees receive to confirm that the employees were paid. I talked to a lady in HR about the auditors request...AND sent an email with a list attached. A week and a half later and what do I find in my mailbox this morning?


Can someone explain this equation: Paystubs = Timecards

So now I have to go to the auditors and tell them ONCE AGAIN...I still don't have what they're looking for. This is some shullbit (Word to 'Kast)!

Thank you...and goodnight!

K to the...

*Nonprofit organization is an organization which is service-oriented, not operating for the sole purpose of making money i.e. hospitals, universities (Bradley U, my Alma mater, is an exception). Yess, I've had grown people ask me what a "nonprofit organization" is. I guess I should tell them what "context clues"** are too.

**context clues are...go dig a hole!

You on the other side of the glass, of my memory's museum...

Who'd thunk it!