Who'd thunk it!

Well, ladies, gents, cats, dogs, and babies...I have entered!!! *Cue "Coming To America" dance sequence*

Some of you may already know me...some of you may not. Well, allow me to reintroduce myself...my name is not Hov.

But K to the...K. Dizzle...Kizzle...or just simply K.D.

I decided I would enter the blogosphere because...look, it's only so much you can say on a facebook status and twitter (I'm not on twitter, and don't plan on it anytime soon). And I'm fa serious. I used to write a gang of notes on facebook...just random ish, but I took a sabbatical and came back and all my ish was gone! Mark Zuckerberg is still on my hit list. Anywho, I figure I would have more freedom in the blogosphere, so here I is!!!

So, why do I have "andeyewonder.blogspot.com"? Well, my mind is always wondering...especially in the car; and "andiwonder" was already taken. So, no...my eye doesn't wonder. My eyes are perfectly aligned...in all of their near-sightedness. Thanks.

So what shall you expect? Well, let's see...RANDOMOCITY! Let me tell you where this randomocity stems from. As a child growing up on the South Side of Shick-A-Go, Ill-A-Know-Is...it was just my mother, grandmother, and myself. Then someone slipped my mom a mickey moms got pregnant and The Troll* arrived. So for a good 13 years, I was on my own...so the imagination is extremely vivid, son! My friends couldn't be at my house 24/7...so thank God for Nintendo...because having a gang of board games requiring 3 or more players was just heart-wrenching. Imagine trying to play Wheel of Fortune by yourself...

You can't!!!

Anywho, I may speak on some of everything here...from relationships to Greek life to why boogers are different shades of brown. Anything is possible....and impossible is nothing (no Adidas).

With that said, I pose this question to you:
Does the inside of our nose have a smell? And if so, how do we know if we're smelling the inside of our nose...or what's outside of the nose, in the air?
Nobody has been able to answer this question for me. Maybe my luck has change in 2009!

That's all folks. Please feel free to stalk follow my blog. Thank you...and you're welcome!

K to the...

*The Troll = My 14 year old sister.

I've said 25,896 times before, and I'll say it again...