"But patience is a virtue, being anxious just might hurt you..."

*This post has been chillin as a draft since September 30th! *tsk tsk* Well, I don't have anything else to do...so here it goes.*

Well, December will make three years since the last time I had a relaxer. See...I didn't do it to try to seem "more black". I mean, I'm light-skinned...and tans fade away. So, technically...I can't get "more black"!

This whole going natural thing started off as me trying to see how long I could go without a relaxer. After a year, I decided to just *points to barrel of water* gon' head & keep the party going. Now I'm debating on if I want locs, eventually.

But before I do that, I'm the process of growing out this "custom" color my beautician put in my head beginning in '07. I say "custom" because that's exactly what my beautician said when I asked her the name of the color. Look, I don't need folk to lie to me to make me feel special. I see the damn color on a Dark 'N Lovely kit at Soo Kim' Beauty Supply. Don't do me, lady! *side eye* So anywho, after this color is grown out, then I'll decide on what's next. That's alot of waiting...alot of patience!

As I approach the 24th year* of my life (Sagittarians, stand up!) I realize more and more each day that if you really want something, it's not going to come to you when you want. It's going to come on God's time. So in the meantime, you gotta practice patience. From joining a sorority to finally being able to take a tap dance class 20 years after seeing "Tap"...I have the patience of an effing** saint!

It's in my blood son!

K to the...

*iLie again.
** Is it blasphemous to use this euphemism before the word "saint"?

P.S. Cool points to whomever can tell me from what song this post's title comes.

Thoughtless Tuesday 11.3.09

"Straight up...pimpin, if you want me you can find me in the A!"