Could it be I stayed away too long..."

Ladies, gents, cats, dogs and parrots too...lend me your optical orifice!!!

It's Wednesday! It's a Hump Day! *giggity...awriiight* So today I bring you some Hump Day Haphazardness.

a) I'm willing to bet 2 pennies that the people who can't park in between the lines in parking lots...were the same ones who couldn't color inside the lines in kindergarten!

2) Who's brilliant idea was it to show the Michael Jackson movie for ONLY two weeks? I mean do they not know of this man's impact on the universe? Even E.T. and ALF are coming back for this show.

C) They shoulda never gave you niggas money...webcams (Stephon Marbury) and Twitter (Fabolous)
Cc) Why do I know all about the goings ons of twitter, and I'm not even on there!?!?

IV) People who updated their crackbook statuses and twitter simultaneously are lazy! I mean, nobody on crackbook cares about what you're saying to "@uknouwantdis"

E) I swear, EVERY speech Obama has given has been broadcasted. At least once a week, on, there's a link to a speech he's about to give that can be watched live. I even saw a link to a speech he was giving his daughters after they had their firsts tests at their new school. WT!
Ee) Why are they writing a book about the Obamas' marriage? Did anyone write one about the Clintons' seeing as though good ole Bill had relations with that woman?

VI) I hope as Chris Brown tries to "clean up" his image, he gets some speech lessons and do exercises that will help him with his memory. Juicy mouthed with a touch of amnesia...not a good combo, CBreezy.
"I don't remember don't was like"

Definitely need more people!

G) I've heard of people doing some stupid ish, but making up email accounts to send "anonymous" emails is just plain stupid. Words of wisdom: the email can be traced back to the computer from which the email was sent. *Cue DJ Nehptes "You Big Dummy" juke mix* Let's smarten up, dummies.

viii) What is up with all these superstars getting exposed with these naked pics or sex tapes?

9) I have come across some of the weirdest/funniest internet lingo from NTTAWWT (Not that there's anything wrong with that) to WTDTA (Where they do that at?) to 2520. I can see it already, my mini-me coming home from kindergarten talking like this: "Ma, DYK that Kendal, was EUATC today and he GIT and had to SITC.
Translations: Ma, did you know that Kendal was eating up all the cookies today and got in trouble and had to sit in the corner (Not "sex in the city")

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

K to the...

"..if not so, I'll be too too bad...when it comes to pink polka dots and plaid.."

"Everyday a star is born...clap for 'em, clap for 'em...heeey!"