"...go 'head and breathe it in like antihistamine."

Tomorrow is back to the real world for me, and I am SO ready. I was out sick with "strippers' throat"* pretty much all last week. So it feels good to burn some gas making that 30 minute drive to the gig.

Being out with nothing to do but watch Maury and catch Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime at 5p *wink*, I had a lot of time to think about ish. And if you really know me, then you know my mind is CONSTANTLY going.

Let me just say, being single when you're sick is the wackest ish EVER! Not saying I don't appreciate my family and friends, because I do. My best friend came by and brought me some soup...and she had just had the pee-new-moan-ya** a few weeks prior. But, neither my mom nor best friend can rub on my booty cuddle with me and tell me it'll all be better. That was the first time I was sick while living on my own, so it just sucked all around.

And I felt lonely!

That's right. I have alot of pride when it comes to my feelings towards men. I can cut a nigga off in a minute, but it takes ALOT for me to admit when I'm hurt by someone I really cared about. Guys who bribe me with basketball shorts don't fit into this category. *snicker* So I'm saying it...

I was feeling lonely last week for a couple days!

In my fantastically random mindset, "lonely" and "alone" can be broken down as follows:

Alone - By one's self
Lonely - By one's self, saddened by the fact you have nobody around to stroke your ego face and tell you "If you die, I'll kill ya, ya hear?" "I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're beyond it." "You complete me!"

But anywho, I said all that to say this...I'm joining a convent! I won't have to worry about anything concerning men because...I would be asexual. Then I won't have to worry about anything besides changing my underwear since my clothes are pretty much picked out! Now, that's the life, son!


This morning when I watched the sunrise for the last unofficial day of the summer, I asked God to continue to give me patience as I wait for the right one to come along for me. Folk always say "Let go, and let God"...well, I did that, so I'm done dwelling on it.


Until that one comes long for me, I'll continue to be entertained by niggas begging me to be their friends on facebook because they care about me being their friend!

Maybe I'll copy that message thread in my next post.


K to the...

*Strep throat. When my girl said she heard I had "strippers' throat," I died inside...because it hurt my throat to laugh out loud. :-)
**Pneumonia <----the correct spelling is just too damn unorthodox

"...my sign is a Sag...this is just what I planned to do...oh don't be mad"

"Muthaluva I'm ILL, not SICK...and I'm ok..."