"..if not so, I'll be too too bad...when it comes to pink polka dots and plaid.."

Last week I said "They should never gave you niggas money...webcams and twitter."

Guess who's on Twitter now!

*smacks forehead*

Why? I was bored Friday night after din-din! Oknomorequestions!

There are times (ok, everyday) when I have random, ignant thoughts running through my head. And since I care, I don't want to take over folk's newsfeeds on fb by constantly updating my status. It grinds my gears when folk do that! So now, I can just tweet those multiple thoughts.

I can't believe I just used "I" and "tweet" in the same sentence.

So I'm at kdw824. Since my profile isn't set to private...you can still check me out without having an account.

Am I a hypocrite? Yess! I have stepped over to the dark side. Hey...at least I admitted it.

Am I an addict? Nah! I purposely don't have updates coming to my phone...so excuse my CPT responses if you @'ing me.

Yeah, I said "@'ing"

Have Marvelous Monday, everyone...and hug your neighbor. You may never know when you'll need some sugar for that Kool-Aid. The red "flavor" of course. ;-)

K to the...

P.S. Eight cool points to the person that knows where the title of this post comes from. Bonus cool points for those who've caught on to the titles of my previous posts.

"People never get the flowers, while they can still smell 'em..."

Could it be I stayed away too long..."