"...my sign is a Sag...this is just what I planned to do...oh don't be mad"

Yess, the title is a quote from Jay-Z.

Yess, I'm a Sagittarian!

Yess, Jay-Z and I have the same birthday!

Yess, I LOVE Blueprint 3!

Yess, I bought it the morning it came out and was ONLY 10 minutes late for work

Yess, I don't know what your life is about if you're a fan, and you don't have this album in your possession!

Yess, you are cheap for trying to download it or get it "for the low"...and not pay the $10...and you have a steady job!


Blueprint 3...CLASSIC!

Yess, someone disagrees.

Yess, I really don't care. lol

Hug a simple person today! Sometimes the world is just too complex for some.

Happy Thursday!

K to the...

"You think yo ish don't stink...but you are (Mr)s P.U...."

"...go 'head and breathe it in like antihistamine."