Message Monday 10.19.9

Hey young world,

I'm a bit late with the post today. I was off on Friday, so I had to do work. Yeah, I know...shut my mouth WIDE open!!!

So today for lunch, I had a dee-lish and ever-so-filling-one-course meal for lunch.

A Hot Pocket!

You jealous?

So anywho, my dessert of choice was a 6-pack of the classic mini donuts...POWDERED! Now we all know, these donuts are messy as "that thang"*. To top it all off, I have on dark pants today. So I already know to be wary of how the donuts are being devoured so I won't have folk on the bus looking at my pants like I got some "afternoon delight" bast** on my pants.

So today I'd like to share with you a surefire way to eat powdered donuts without looking like you've been "Lewinskyed"

Have a napkin with you, a bottle of water, and rock one of THESE in your favorite color.

It works! I'm on donut #4 and it ain't a stain on me!!! lol Get like me!

K to the...

* - I still don't know what "that thang" is
** - Past tense of "bust". Look it up!***
*** - iKeed...but you were gonna do it, weren't you?

"Straight up...pimpin, if you want me you can find me in the A!"

"...cuz I love you to a teenager, so you might not want my advice.."