"People never get the flowers, while they can still smell 'em..."

I have been busier than a one-legged punt kicker at the gig the past couple of weeks. We're moving downtown...and beginning to use new accounting software. So that means I've had to EARN my pay. Yeah, I know...who does that in the land of cubicles. :-)

My city, Chi-City, has been in the news in a bad spotlight for the past two weeks with the violence. Yesterday, the violence hit close to home with the loss of a colleague of mine. I was speechless and hurt as I held the phone at 843a hearing this terrible news. But it hurt even more to see how others were dealing with the loss...from my sorors to my fellow Carnations (T.S.O.P.) to Greeks to Bradley Braves to Chicagoans.

Based on all the facebook statuses, notes, and even my memories...he left behind a legacy of being a father of two, a son, a man of Phi Beta Sigma, a Mason, and most importantly a man full of life who was fun to be around, cared for others, and blew your mind with his intelligence. Quite simply, and pardon my French (which is really English), he was THAT NI**A!

So today, I ask you...

What will your legacy be when you're gone?

Good morning!

K to the...

"And I wonder..." 10.6.9

"..if not so, I'll be too too bad...when it comes to pink polka dots and plaid.."