"'Stank stank' means you got the funkiest..."

First let me say, writing a blog can be time consuming...especially when you're trying to update at work and folk try to give you work to do. Oh, you want me to EARN this salary, sir? Earn deez!

So today's Hump Day post isn't as haphazard as others. But I think speaking on this will make the world a better place...for you, me and the entire human race (Yess, Michael)

I have a strong nose, so some ish I smell can be really detrimental to my nose hairs at times. Look, I know everyone has their bad breath moments...I am no exception! But when those moments occur more than usual e'ryday, then dangit, something needs to be done!

Every morning, this guy comes in my office and seems to forget to take his bad breath with him when he leaves. It's like he uses every word that has the 'h' syllable, causing him to exert more breath when he talks; and he talks ALOT. I don't even want to stand face to face with him to talk.

It's that serrus!

I'd like to think I'm a pretty tactful person. But when it comes to breath so bad, it can gag a donkey...I just don't know what to say. I mean, unless you are a monkey, the top lip is usually no more than an inch from your nostrils. So you mean to tell me these people can't smell what's being emitted through their oral orifice?

So, how do you say, "Ay man, yo breath be kickin'...may I interest you in a lifetime supply of Stride" without having to duck because they're trying to tell you what the fingers said to the face?

With me returning to the world of public transportation...I know I'm gonna encounter even MORE of the Bad Breath Bobs and Bettys.

I guess I'll just continue to hold my breath, and pray I don't pass out!

K to the...

"...cuz I love you to life...you a teenager, so you might not want my advice.."

"And I wonder..." 10.6.9