"Funny, how time flies when you're having fun..."

Good [insert time of day you're reading this HERE] everyone!

The day thanks and gluttony is almost amongst us!

I'd like to send a big UGH to my co-worker who is on vacay till next Monday! She put up her Christmas decorations, forcing me to look at garland on top of the cubicle wall we share since last Tuesday. She even gave me some left over garland to use on my desk. I threw that ish in BACK of my bottom drawer.

I LOVE the holiday season, but I can politely wait till AFTER Thanksgiving to decorate...

I don't decorate my office space for the holidays anyway, sooo...

Moving along.

I always get this giddy feeling in my tum-tum around this time of the year. Never fails...like clockwork. You have Thanksgiving...official beginning of the holiday season the next day...and some 8-13 days after Thanksgiving...it's my birthday!

But this year it's different. I have this giddy feeling, along with so many memories of what I've done during this 24th* year of my life.

If you know me and have me saved as a friend on facebook....then you already know!!! I definitesly (Yeah, defiNITESly) got it** in this year! January through April, I was gone at LEAST one weekend out the month. I mean, I was gone so much in March, my ComEd bill was under $20.

It was THAT serious.

And if I wasn't out of town, I was getting it** in right cheah in Shick-A-Go.

What's my point?

Time definitely does fly when you're having fun.

And my time is on a space shuttle to the moon, son!

So, I say to you:
My family
4T's & an N
WY Dolphins
BU Braves

Sawrahs (That dayum chapter, Phabulous & Phly)
Krewe of Treachery
and everyone else I've kicked it with***

thanks for joining me on the ride! :-)

K to the...

*I'm going to stop this lie on my birthday...and start a new lie & say I'm 25. Thanks
** I still don't know what "it" is
*** Look, I can kick it and ACK a fool with just about anyone. But because I care, if you want a special shout out, I'll shout you out in the comment section. (You big baby! lol)

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