Thoughtless Tuesday 11.10.9

What up folk (No G.D.)!

This post is absolutely on!

Today's date is indeed 11/10/09...11.10.9.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of WTF...Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Thursday is my sorority's founders' day. If you randomly spot someone on Thursday at ya work place rocking royal blue and antique gold...let her have her 1922 seconds of glory, ok?

Sammy Sosa is turning white. Ok, ok, ok...I know it's a possible skin condition. Calm down...calm down.

Katt Williams got arrested, with a mugshot looking like he was saying "I am so happy to be here." (Yess, Akeem)

A CTA bus crashed into someone's home this morning. Glad nobody was seriously hurt, but the driver took curbside service to a whole 'nother level.

The Critters of the Midway known as the Bears just can't get right.

I have yet to watch a Bulls' game this season! *hangs head in shame*

I honestly don't see what's funny when I tell folk I'm taking a dance class.

And I learned, today due to minimal tolerance I have today, that there is a such thing as a dumb, a dumb@$$ question!

That is all for today. My mind is clouded with mucus and paradiddles*. lol

K to the...

*Look it up!

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