"Where they do that at?" Wednesday

Let me just say that I do not use the phrase in my title on a regular basis. Was just trying to stick with the alliteration, ok?

Anywho, I have a random question for yall and I need an answer.

Is it rude to expel gas in a public restroom?

And if it isn't, then why do I be in the bathroom tryna hold-in any expulsion that may occur so folk don't be thinking "Girl, she gots some serious gas"; so folk won't give me the side-eye when I come out the stall to wash my hands.

Ladies, don't you dare ACK like it's just me.

So I ask you, wonderful people...

To poot or not to poot in a public restroom?

That is the question!

K to the...

"Funny, how time flies when you're having fun..."

Thoughtful Thursday 11.12.09