Thoughtless Thursday 12.10.9

I've been slacking like a mofo on this here. Well I've been busier than *insert random, ignant auss comparison here*

First, let me say my birthday weekend was fantabulous. 1800 and Ciroc were my friends for the night...and there were no Westerns* that night. I had a nice four-day weekend of chillaxation...and Wii!


Anywho, on Tuesday, when I returned to work, my wanna-be superior had me having a straight hissy fit. I mean, I went in HARD on him on Twitter for a good 5 minutes.

Long story short, he took what I did...made some adjustments, and then tried to pass it off as something he did. Furthermore, he tried to explain to ME what HE the ish was new to me.

Negro please!

I know this has happened to some of you before...someone tryna take credit for your ish. The next time that happens to you...

...take a cue from Stewie below!

K to the...

*Western = Throwing up. Derives from a road trip to Western Illinois University last October. One of my girls forgot to eat before we drank...and she threw up bka "pulling a Western".

Cubicle Chronicles 12.21.9