"Oh, that golden rule."

Today’s blogpost is on my number 1 rule in life.

What is this rule you ask? Well, it’s quite simple.


Following this simple rule will have you going places in life, son!

A) You don’t have to lie
If I don’t have to share info, then I won’t. When you share info, folk get curious and wanna ask questions. And if you don’t want folk to know certain details, you do one of two things: a) You lie, or; ii) you just shut the hell up.

“I'll go with ‘Shut The Hell Up,' for $500 Alex!”

2) You keep your friends
I had to end a “best friend”-ship because someone went and told my business and it got back to me. If I wanted other folk to know my business, I would have *wait for it* told them myself! Trust is an important factor with dealing with ships (friend and relation). You break it, you buy…the ship is severely compromised.

Also, who wants to be friends with someone who cant hold water if they were a camel with six humps? "Not I," said the poodle cat.

iii) You have inside jokes
Inside jokes can be so rude, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t funny to the insiders. I have an inside joke right now and when I type it, only one other person will get it. (I need to make sure she reads this post)

“Cervical jewelry”

You think you know what this is about, but you really don’t. Will the inside joke ever been outside? No! Why?

Because we shut the hell up!

d) You won't be ignored
I don't know about yall, but I hate being ignored. Whether it's being ignored by friends, or the mice who were in my apt acting as if I wasn't there as they snacked on the peanut butter that was in the mouse traps. *shrug* Sometimes, believe it or not, folk don't really care about certain ish that's going on in your life. If folk ask, then, obviously, they're curious and want to know. If not....then I'll just...ya know...

Shut the hell up!

So what have we learned, today, ladies and gentlemen?

I'm not telling you a damn thang! lol

"Now run and tell dat, homeboy!"

K to the...

P.S. The title of the post is the title of an Episode of The Wire from Season 4. Pop culture for the muthaluving win!

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