30 Day Challenge: #2 Letter to my crush

From the moment I heard "Spottieottiedopalicous" in h.s., I've been hooked. I was a freshman in college when "Stankonia" came out and to this day, that still album goes hard. I've nickname my humble abode "Stankonia" because of that album. I spent plenty days with the crew sophomore year zoning out to "Aquemini" as blunts were in rotation. No, I didn't smoke...life and music was my high; and maybe a cup of Absolut and papaya juice when it was time to party. Don't judge me, sir.

Then y'all did the unthinkable, and came out with a double album, "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below". I loved both albums, but it was something about yours that resulted in it having more scratches on it than your partner's. At this point, I knew I couldn't call myself an Outkast fan, and not have the first two albums, so I copped (OK, burned) "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" & "ATLiens." Yess, you and ya boy have been a major part of my undergrad years.

When y'all came out with "Idlewild," I honestly didn't see it as an album...I saw it as a soundtrack. But regardless, I still bought it and went to see the movie. I swear, I was the only one in the theater geeked up, singing "Moving Cool," word-for-word while everyone else was like "What is this?"

There hasn't been an Outkast album since Idlewild...and I have been fiending. However, you've been featured on some of everyone's joints, From Devin the Dude to Chris Brown...KILLING IT! And your fashion style is inimitable. Some see you as odd, but to me...mmm...I'm going.

But anywho, no more features. I need an album with you on every song...an Outkast album! Come on, Andre 3000...make it happen. And then help me scratch "Seeing Outkast in concert" off my bucket list. :-)

Crushing on you,

K to the...

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