30 Day Challenge: #11 Letter to a deceased person you wish you could talk to

Dear Granddaddy,

You left when I was only 5 months old...before I could even give you a nickname. So lemme give you a Cliff Notes version of my life.

Learned to walk
Realized I don't like having dirty hands or feet
Graduated kindergarten
Taught myself how to hoop
Had my first real kiss at 12
Graduated from grammar school
Went to the best high school in the city
Played basketball for the best high school in the city
Played trumpet
Your son taught me how to drive
Graduated from the best high school in the city
Went to Bradley University
Tried out for the basketball team and made it
Lost my virginity at 19 (stop searching for your gun)
Graduated with my Bacherlors in Accounting in 4 1/2 years
Started working in the "real world" a week after graduation
At my third job
Youngest in my department
Obtained my Masters in Accounting
Live on my own
Became a Sigma Gamma Rho
Been to Mardi Gras twice, amongst other places
Took a tap dance class

I think I did pretty good in the past 28 years, don't you? Mei-Mei (That's what I started calling Ella Mae when I started talking) and Mom took good care of me. Your sons looked out for me as well. Did you know that they are just as crazy as I heard you were? :-)

I feel like I'm missing some other major events, but those are the ones that stick out to me, right now. I hope you're proud of me.

K to the...


Kenya Danielle

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