30 Day Challenge: #9 Letter to someone you wish you could meet

Dear Ms. Sanaa Lathan,

I LOVED Love & Basketball because it seemed like an autobiography for me. Well, the "1st Quarter" when Monica first met Quincy. After that, it was someone else's life. Anywho, I saw your skills on the court, and I see you boo! But this letter isn't about your skills, ma'am! I have a serious question that I need you to answer.

How did you get your arms to look so muscular, yet still feminine, in the movie?

I was on the basketball team all through high school. We did conditioning, including lifting weight. I even did push-ups every night before going to bed because I was determined to get some cut (#waitwhat) in my arms. But ya know what...NOTHING.

Having long, skinny arms is NOT sexy to me. Sometimes I feel like I look like this:

So, here I am, at the ripe age of 25*, 20 lbs heavier than h.s., and I still can't get any cuts in my arms. I've pretty much given up. However, I have to see my little sister, who is 13 years younger than me, with bigger wrists and arms than me hitting me with the flex! What kinda ish is this? Praise Yahweh for my calf muscles.

So, again I ask...how did you do it, Sanaa?

K to the...

*iLied...yet, again

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