Cubicle Chronicles: Mind Ya Damn Business Edition

Today's installment is about Smart Auss Sally. I believe I referenced her in April's Cubicle Chronicles.

Today, I walked in the gig pretty much on time. Had my bagel, was heading to the kitchen to get some of Lipton's finest. Why is it when I'm heading to the kitchen, someone wants to say some reckless ish to me?

One of my co-workers is a fellow Greek, a Lady of the Crimson and Creme. She and I were discussing a step show and a skating party the Men of the Black and Old Gold have every year. So, I told her I went last year and there were alot of men there; not necessarily men in our age group, but a lot of men.

So I head to the kitchen, and behind me is Smart Auss Sally.

What does she say?

"But you got a man!"

I'm in a relationship, but I'm not blind, heaux! I know what the hell I have! If I recognize men in the place, I'm going to acknowledge men in the place.


UGH, these nosy auss people make me sick!

K to the...

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