30 Day Challenge: #17 Someone from your childhood


Amazing how our friendship ended because of a lie...dumb auss lie!

Let's recap:

You lost your virginity while I was away to school.
I came up on a gang of condoms.
I gave you some condoms because you were having sex, not me.
I got blamed for you having sex (while I was still a virgin)
I find out that you date girls.
I meet your girlfriend.
We catch up on life.
Then you tell me, "You know, I'm still a virgin."

*screeching wheels*

Wait a minute!!!

I didn't even have the heart to go back to November 2000 and remind you of the hurt I experienced...because you lied.
Your parents wouldn't let us talk anymore...because you lied.
Your "parents looked down on me...because you lied.
Your parents saw me as a bad influence...because you lied.

What a f***ing liar!!!

K to the...

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