30 Day Challenge: #27 The friendliest person you knew for only one day

I went on a 3 day cruise back in '07. Anyone who has ever been on a cruise knows the people who work on the ship are the friendliest. Here is my letter to one of them.

Dear Chicken Little,

I still can't believe you let people call you that. But um...yeah, you were the coolest person on the ship. I can't remember where you were from, but I do know as a member of the Caucasoid group...you had hella rhythm. We juked in the hallway to some jams played on a piano. That doesn't happen on a normal day.
That's "Chicken Little" standing behind me.

Anyway, thanks for helping the fam get ignant in the hallway! Hope all is well with you...wherever you are.

K to the...

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