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I joined a new gym on 1/31 and was given a free body assessment yesterday.

Effed me up!!!

The only scales I really trust are the one's at my doctor's office, and digital scales. I definitely don't trust scales at the gym, and yesterday confirmed why. According to the scale yesterday, I've gained 8 lbs in the past month; even though I've been playing bball and working out way more often. This doesn't make sense to me. And we won't even talk about the measurements.

So I decided, eff the numbers! I'm just going to continue my workout routine of cardio, lifting, and basketball. I'm comfortable with my range of 135-140...but hearing 147 yesterday? Psssh! Ain't no way!

I have another assessment in 3 months. Aside from Mardi Gras, there won't be any moments where I just KNOW I'm going indulge in decadent cuisine and copious amounts of liquor! Hey, I'm just being honest! :-)

This whole getting older thing sucks, sometimes. But grandmother always say "Just keep living."

K to the...

P.S. I found out my biceps are about 10 inches. Whenever y'all wanna buy tix to the gun show *kisses biceps* let me know!

"...to the east side"