"You think y'all kick it...but, boy we puntin..."

What up, folk! Time for another installment of "This Time...Last Year..."

If you know me, then you know that New Orleans is like my favorite city to visit. I first experienced New Orleans during Mardi Gras in 2009. I had so much fun, it was automatic that we would be down, again, in 2010. We made plans, but those plans had fell through about two weeks before the trip.

Disappointed wasn't EVEN the word!

Exactly a year ago, today, the Saints won their first Super Bowl...and one week later was Fat Tuesday. After seeing how CRAZY it was in New Orleans the night of the championship, and after much coercion from my cousin hitting me with the "Nawlins or Bust"...we scrambled to make this trip happen.

And we did!

Six days later, at 12am on a Saturday, we hit the road in the rental which we christened "Lady Ratchett".

Fifteen hours later, including a two hour nap at a rest stop (excitement can only give you so much energy), we made it to Baton Rouge, LA. Since we decided at the last minute to go...and it was a week before Mardi Gras...we were able to get a hook-up on a room in BR. And let me tell y'all...no matter how fast you are going, BR is ALWAYS an hour from New Orleans.

Saying "We had a blast!" is an understatement!
  • Went back to our favorite restaurant, Ralph & Kacoo's.
  • We gave ourselves a tour of the 9th Ward (which looked like a ghost town)

  • We met new friends thanks to my "Illinois" hoodie. (No, we don't know who those people are behind us)

  • We hit up the Zulu Parade

  • Maxed a couple of po' boys

  • Killed a "WTF" daquiri. You might be asking, "WTH is a 'WTF'?" Well, it's thirty-two ounces of pure inebriation...THAT'S WTF it is!

  • We had one...four many Hand Grenades

However, I think the highlight of the trip was getting kicked off Bourbon Street when the clock struck midnight on Ash Wednesday...AFTER doing the cupid shuffle in the middle of Bourbon Street!

Well, it's almost that time. Fat Tuesday is in March, this year...and please believe, we down there again!

Third time's a charm, right?

K to the...


"Drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones..."