Cubicle Chronicles 5.5.11

**Happy Cinco de Mayo!**

As a child, if I woke up and didn’t say “good morning,” my grandmother would hit me with the, “I didn’t sleep with you last night!” So, it’s nothing for me to say good morning to people. It’s not that I’m a morning person…it’s just me being courteous.

So, I was walking past this consistently-rude-auss this morning when I got to work.

I said good morning.

He said nothing.


So I keep walking towards my desk; jacket and sunglasses still on with newspaper in hand.

NOW he wants to speak to me.

About resolving an issue that was already resolved last month.

You can’t say good morning, but you wanna talk to me about work?!

Before I even get to my desk?!

Have a seat!

K to the...

"[S]he had game cuz [s]he used to hoop in Chatham..."

" the east side"