The comfort weight struggle is real, in the streets, people!

Prior to my current relationship, I was 138lbs; well within my usual range of 135lbs - 140lbs. Then, I got comfortable. I wasn't being a bum and sitting around eating gyros and fries with mild sauce all day. Tempting, but no. I just didn't have a regular workout routine and I hooped sparingly.

When I joined a new gym, I was given a body assessment and boy were my feelings hurt. I was up to 147lbs, and the measurements I had when I bought my bridesmaid dress back in September or October had changed. I thought it was a fraud. However, I noticed my clothes weren’t fitting the same. Unless you’ve seen me naked or gave birth to me (she notices EVERYTHING about me), you wouldn’t have notice all of these changes. I gave away bags of clothes because I just didn’t feel comfortable in them; though they still fit me. Plus, I was moving and it was time for me to get rid of some clothes, anyway.

After that body assessment, I was committed to getting back in the gym like I used to. I wasn’t really focused on losing weight…just toning up and being healthy. In April, I had moved closer to my gym, so there was no excuse to be “lazy”. I went hard in April because I had that bridesmaid dress to fit in…COMFORTABLY. As a bridesmaid, it's important that I am able to eat and juke without feeling like I have to change out of that dress. Priorities, people! :-) Well, May 20th came, and the dress felt great on me.

The wedding festivities were over, but I kept the party going and continued to workout and hoop more. It helps having a beau who hoops on the regular. :-) So here I am, writing to you weighing 140lbs, as of yesterday morning. And I feel great.

Moral of the story? Playas f*** up!


Ain't no moral. Just gotta keep on living. ;-)

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