Ok, We Get It: Part deux

It's that time, ladies and gents...dogs, cats, and babies!  If you read Part 1, then you already know how it goes.  So here we go!

Ok, we get it…you don’t like Lil Wayne.

Ok, we get it…you think Carter IV is garbage.

Ok, we get it…you think Drake has a vagina.

Ok, we get it…Jesus is more important to you than finding out Beyonce is pregnant.

Ok, we get it…you don’t give a solitary f*** about ANYTHING in life because you have way more important things to worry about.

Ok, we get it…head would be nice in the morning.

Ok, we get it…Jay-Z and Kanye flaunts their riches while the country is going broke.

Ok, we get it…”Watch The Throne” was overhyped.

Ok, we get it…football is back.

Ok, we get it…you hate football.

Ok, we get it…while I sleep, you grind.

Ok, we get it…you’re [insert all positives attributes here] but can’t figure out why you’re still single.

Ok, we get it…your astrology sign is the only one that loves, has friends, or is the best at sex.

*These next few were addressed in Part 1. Obviously, people are STILL talking about it.*

Ok, we get it…Black women are [insert negative adjective here]

Ok, we get it…you’re natural.

Anything else I miss?

K to the…

"And it came to me...like an epiphany..."

Hear My Call