So, back in July, I wrote about me losing #DatComfortWeight and how that was progressing.  Ever since April, I've lost a total of 12 lbs.  I'm not sure if it's noticeable by others, but it's cool; I did this for me.  

Anywho, it feels good to be back in shape and everything, but I'm going through #DatLostWeightStruggle right now.  Earlier this year, I racked up on skinny jeans.  Different fits, different washes...ALL SKINNY!  There is this one fit of jeans, The Boyfriend Fit, that really fat* well on me...at the time I bought them.  

This past Sunday, I had on a pair of The Boyfriend Fit jeans for the first time in a while.  These maugs fatlike a pair of harem pants!  In case you're not familiar with how harem pants look:
Those jeans weren't supposed to look like this on me, son!
Lemme find out I, now, have to put my jeans in the dryer when I wash them, or even worse...


Another part of #DatLostWeightStruggle is the fact that I gave away all of those clothes, so now I have to re-up.  This isn't a bad thing, though.  :-)

So, I'm back in shape and my clothes are falling off my auss, which seems to be disappearing, as well.  *cries*   But, I'm in good health, so I can't really complain, can I?

K to the...

*In my mind, "fat" is the past tense of "fit" *shrug*

Courtesy to whom!?

"And it came to me...like an epiphany..."