#BARS: Rapid Refund Edition

Today's post is number 100 on Fantastical Randomocity!  *throws 100-shaped confetti*  I don't know if this is significant or not...but we'll just keep the party going.

Now, don't quote me on this, but it is a scientific fact that Instant messenger programs were invented SOLELY to maintain one's sanity.  Aside from maintaining sanity, these programs also help start rap careers...that need not exist.  Check out the G-chat freestyle battle between two Sagittarians, MC It's My Grant (myself) and MC Where's My Refund Check (Jordan) [Also seen on Tumblr].

*after a discussion about our wack income tax refunds for 2011*

MCIMG: gonna be a good year...I ain't talking about a tire/Jim Carrey crazy...no "Liar, Liar"
MCWMRC: *passes u the mic* go get em
MCIMG: yo, yo...check it
progression, regression, recession, great depression
Super Bowl Sunday, who gon' throw an interception
MCWMRC: got an erection from the 08 election
no one showed affection, so much deception
I should be a Decepticon
mad my hairline mirrors Lebron's
MCIMG: That cul de sac hairline, word to Bron Bron
RIP to Cortez Cornelius, first name Don
MCWMRC: So I...witnessed KD In the Maxima
can I take u on a date is what I'm asking ya
she declined smoother than a babys ass
shoulda had better game with my lazy ass
tried to play for her heart, no love and basketball
bored expression on her face, I shouldn't have asked at all
but my button up was crispy
and no creases in my J's so how the f*** could she diss me?
LOL *passes mic*
MCIMG: *looks at ground and nods head* *notices dirt on boots* *wipes them off* *goes back to nodding*
Mara Hruby in my earphones, as I groove to the beat
no red leather jacket on, so the It, I can't Beat
Tryna regain composure after Jordan committed freestyle murder
"I'M SO HAPPY TO BE HEAH" like the African goat herder
But he wasn't a goat herder, he was a prince, Akeem
20 years later, Houston got the dream, HAKEEEEEM
*drops mic shakes left tit*

*pause for the cause, discusses freestyling in Vegas, on the strip, while inebriated (LOL), then...*

MCWMRC: spit in front of the Bellagio
lyrics drippin from our lips like a popsicle
damn I just drew a blank lol
MCIMG: hahahahha it rhymed, though
you good son...keep going!
MCWMRC: bring the beat back
uh uh
MCIMG: *lights candle*
LOL that was so random
MCWMRC: Lights candle? must be a vigil.
spittin in a cypher, one person in the middle.
*balls paper up* got damn it
*passes mic* lemme get my train of thought
MCIMG: You aight, son, we all draw blanks
it could be worse, you could be walking a plank
I can't swim, they say black people don't like water
but they like Joe Budden, who be in the House that be Slaughtered
MCIMG: *strokes imaginary beard*

We show you how to do this, son!

K to the...

Wait...what did they say?

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