Who run the world? BIRDS!

As a kid, in science class, I was told birds fly south for the winter. With my imagination, I pictured the birds flying to Florida hanging with their bird-cousins and having a grand ole time. Then, March hits, and they make their way back to the Chi.

Then, I grew up and realized that maybe I was told wrong.  Maybe the birds do not fly south.  If they did, I wouldn't have poop stains on my Bentley car during the winter months.  Maybe my teacher meant they fly to the South Side for winter.  Yeah, that's it.

So, I accepted the fact that all birds do not fly south for the winter. Just take a stroll down Wabash in downtown Chicago and you'll see a flock of ratchet auss pigeons looking for food, or just strolling down the street like it's nothing. 

Because these rat bastards do not fly south for the winter, they seek heat just like humans. This means taking over the heating lamps on a CTA platform.

Obviously, their feathers aren't enough to keep them warm.
Sometimes, it's just 2 pigeons; sometimes it's a waka flock of them!  Ever since I had lunch one day outside and a pigeon was 6 inches away from my french fries, I stay away from them.  I find a "safe spot" off to the side, like the lady in the pic, and stand there.  I don't bother the pigeons...and they don't bother me.

I'm at least 130 lbs heavier than these bastards.  But I'm the one that has to show them respect?  I see who run things around heah! 

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