Wait...what did they say?

As a person who loves music, I admit that I don't catch on to lyrics of certain songs very well.  I will make up some ish and go along with it like what I made up came straight from the liner notes.  After listening DJ Hash's radio show last week, I was reminded of this flaw.

Last week, DJ Hash did a tribute to Timbaland and played some bangers from the late 90s and early 00s.  One of the songs he played was Nicole Wray's "Make It Hot."  In case you forgot how the song goes:

My fave part of the song is when Missy glides her finger-wave rocking self onto the track and raps the following:

I'm sitting
On the side
Of the curb
With a pocket
Full of herb
Ion't know
If y'all heard
I'm high as a bird
I can fly like Kelly,
I glide like skates
Me with no Timbaland is like Puff with no Ma$e
Hold up
Wait a minute
Whatchu say?
Back it up
Give me space
Who dat?
Nicole Wray
By the way
Better play
All day
Make the whole world say
Damn they suck a lei.

Wait, what?  Suck a Lei!?  Rapgenius says that last line is "Damn, this sucker Wray."  That sounds more accurate, but I think sucking a lei is funnier.  Therefore, I will continue to say "Damn they suck a lei"

Fight me.

K to the...

"Hair nappy, but I'm happy. Pocket full of dough!"

#BARS: Rapid Refund Edition