Love & Basketball Chronicles: The Thirst Is Back

I don't know if it's because I've been coming to the gym solo dolo, or if folk are just being bold; but, maugs have been flirting more than usual on the court the past few months.  Per usual, I blow it off.  Thanks to my experiences at the YMCA, I have no interest in conversing with guys outside of the gym.

So yesterday, after a wack hooping session due to not winning any games, I was off to the side watching the half-court games, resting.  This dude - we'll call him Lt. Cedric Daniels - sits near me.  After talking about the games we just finished, he decided to get up in my business.  The conversation goes as follows:

Daniels: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:  No.  And I'm not looking either.
Daniels: Don't wanna be bothered?
Me:  Nope, not at all
Daniels:  We should hook up. You should hang with me at the lakefront
Me: *acts like I'm so into the game I'm watching that I don't hear him.*
Daniels: So, can we hook up?  What's your name?
Me: Kenya
Daniels: I'm [redacted]
Me: ...
Daniels: So can we hook up?
Me:  I don't hook up with anyone I hoop with up here.
Daniels: I don't really go here.  Someone hooked me up with this gym.  I just started going here.  You've been here longer than me, right?
Me: About a year.
Daniels:  So we can't hook-up?

Thankfully, at this point, someone came over talking ish and joking around.  So, I was able to successfully Euro-step out that unnecessary auss convo.  He also thought because I was shooting around with this one dude who comes on the court smelling like molded cheese from 1998, that the stinky guy was my boyfriend.  Negroid, GO GET SOME BUSINESS!

I need guys to understand that not all women want to be in a relationship.  If I say I don't want to be bothered, that doesn't mean try harder.  Maybe if he still thought I was 18, I wouldn't have dealt with this.

K to the...

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