Love & Basketball Chronicles: You gon' learn today!

I'm not the type who talks mess when on the court.  Actually, I don't say much, aside from typical teammate talk ("Shoot the J.  SHOOT IT!") or calling out the score.  However, on a fine Sunday morning following a night of tomfoolery while celebrating another Dirty Flirty Thirty birthday, I was talking.  I was getting fed up with these two dudes who happen to have the same name.  So, to protect the guilty, they'll be referred to as "Young Money" and "Old Money".

Young Money
Young Money is about 6 inches taller, and at least 20 pounds heavier than me.  He constantly talks mess to me on the court and I usually ignore it.  However, on this fine Sunday morning, ignoring him wasn't happening.  YM was trying to get his Baby Shaq on because he just KNEW he could score on me due to this size advantage.  In the midst of all the action, I calmly stated "[YM], you might not wanna underestimate my size or strength. It's not a good look for you."

He laughed.

And scored 0 points when posting me up.  I tried told him!

Old Money
Old Money is in his 50s and is in pretty good shape.  We always end up playing D on each other when we're on opposite teams.  For the past month, I've noticed he's been getting extra frisky with his defense.  One day, I felt hands all over my body, like there was a sign on my glutes that said "FREE FEELS!"  After this instance of on-court molestation, I started to pay more attention to how he plays defense on others.  Yeah...major difference.

So, on this same fine Sunday morning, I was being hacked by OM.  I even heard him say "You're not getting sh*t today" under his breath.  O_O  I got fed up and called a foul on him (something I rarely do).  Then, I spoke up about his hack attacks on me compared to everyone else.  Of course, he denied it, but I wasn't backing down.

The next time he was on defense, he was like 3 feet away from me.

I hope I'm able to go back to my quiet self when I step back on the court.

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