Dear Summer: I know you gon' miss me.

Summer 2012 was the last summer of my 20s…and I definitely got it IN!  So today’s post will recap the highlights of the summer for me.

The Chicagoland area had a rather mild winter and I have no idea what happened to Spring.  Since Summer was around for about 6 months, we’re gonna start with April.

  • Dyed hair
  • Vegas with the girls to celebrate the Dirty 30s 
  • Surprise 30th birthday party for the homie, Geo 
  • Memorial Day kickback with sorors 
  • My girl, DJ T-Race’s, 30th Birthday party
  • Sprains ankle while sweating out tequila the following morning
  • DJ T-Race’s Birthday dinner (two hours after I sprain ankle)
  • Bridal shower for my bff
  • “Housecooling” party for Big Rhon and Kim
  • All-White Rooftop birthday dinner for my twinsie, Teelolo’s 30th birthday
  • Chicago Pride Parade
  • Bachelorette party for my Tre
  • My ships and I turned 4
  • My Tre gets married
    • I caught the bouquet -___- 
  • “The Love Movement” Birthday celebration for my Della-Hunny
    • Learned that my lungs aren't 'bout that hookah life.
  • Old-fashioned house party for the homie, Marlene’s, 40th Birthday. 
  • Bachelorette party for the bff
  • “Who Got The Rent Money” party at my homie, Sam’s, crib
  • Bff gets married
  • BarBeLuption (Barbecue-luau-reception for my bff.) 
  • Lil sis turns 17.
  • Lil sis and I get matching tattoos in Japanese kanji 
    • Hers is “I like pink”
    • Mine is “I like purple”
    • I'm lying about the meanings
  • Dentist appointment (Whaa? I stays on my 6 month cleaning schedule)
  • Dyed hair lighter 
  • Gets cartilage re-pierced (So random)
  • Nerissa’s 30th Birthday celebration
  • Jacksonville Beach, FL with my girls
  • Saw my White Sox beat the Detroit Tigers
  • Power yoga
  • Mexican Night with the girls
  • Kendrick Lamar in concert along with Fly Union, Stalley, Jay Rock and Ab Soul
  • Mommy turns 51
  • Prince in concert along with Janelle Monae and an appearance by Ledisi
I think I will miss Summer way more than it'll miss me.

K to the... 

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