#31WriteNow Day 1 - Allow me to reintroduce myself...

So, the homie, Luvvie, came up with this blog challenge for the month of August.  Everyday, I am to post something to my blog.  I couldn't quite come up with a theme.  I was thinking of writing a short story...but I'm Sweet Brown to it.

In other words, I don't have time for that.

*ba dum tss*

Since the title of my blog is Fantastical Randomocity, I think it's OK for me to be random for these next 31 days.  Just think of these posts for the next 31 days as me updating my Facebook status.

So for today, I'm going to start with 10 random facts about me.

I put this here because it wouldn't align correctly for number 5.  Ain't I cute, though?  OK, continue reading.

  1. I rarely introduced myself as "K.D."...and it still sounds weird when I hear folk introduce me as such.  Not that there's anything wrong with it.
  2. 10 Myths About Introverts.  Yep...me.
  3. I haven't been on a real date since "Ted" was in theaters last summer.  And I am OK with this.
  4. I told my father to "get off my ovaries" when he asked me about kids last year.  Hasn't asked me about them since.
  5. When my hair gets longer, I am going to recreate that pic above from when I was about 3 years old. Ponytails and all, since folk think I still look the same.
  6. I am the oldest of two girls, but the youngest amongst my close friends.  Balance.
  7. I've learned to not tell my crushes when I'm crushing on them. It's always lead to embarrassment in the past...from high school to adulthood.  So, I just shut up.
  8. I think people who included lyrics in their liner notes are angels. Sometimes, my ears don't hear what these artists say.
  9. Eye shadow and lip gloss...all the make-up I need in this life of sin.
  10. I hope I can keep this challenge going.
K to the...

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