#31WriteNow Day 12 - Basketball Chronicles: How Old Are We?

As the hoop session was winding down yesterday, we were a couple of players short to run a full.  So, two older guys who usually play half-court decide to joins us.

Game is going, I call out the score every time a team scores.  My team has had the lead for the majority of the game.  So, I call out the score of 9-7.  Now, it's an issue to the older dudes.  I'll refer to them as Grandpa #1 and Grandpa #2.  In #1's mind, the score is 7-7.  Nobody has said anything about the score all game.  Now that the other team is down...they want to complain about the score.

Also known as "cheat".  I can't stand a cheater.

So, everyone (except me) agrees the score is 7-7.  I don't call out the score anymore.  #1 and #2 proceed to talk shit to me for the rest of that game, and the two following games.  Nobody else...just me.  

At one point, #2 mocks my voice.  


Obviously, it was 1992, and I was on the playground during recess.

K to the...

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