#31WriteNow Day 13 - Loc-a Flocka Flame

  • As my hair gets longer, it's becoming more manageable for me. I don't have a countdown til my next appointment, anymore.
  • Last time I got my hair done, my loctician said most of my hair is loc'ed. Maybe all of it is loc'ed, now.
  • Organic lemon juice really does help to loc hair, but my scalp hated it.
  • I love how untamed my hair can be, at times, and I still look cute.
    • Well, I look cute to me...THAT'S what matters
  • I've had a few folk ask how long will I have locs.  I don't know.  Too early in the game to think about long-term.  
  • And of course...ya bish! ;-)
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