#31WriteNow Day 17 - Naw, son!

Growing up, I had the smallest bedroom in the house.  It didn’t take much for it to look messy, so I always kept it in order.  As an adult, with a larger space, I still keep my place in order...especially the kitchen!  But, order doesn’t mean a thing when living in an apartment building because you may encounter some unwanted guests.

I’ve noticed a pattern with my current abode.  Once a year, 2-3 roaches show up in my apartment and I freak out.  It seems to happen when a nastass moves out or a nastass moves in.  The first time I saw roaches in my current abode, I called maintenance.  They came in and laid a glue trap under the sink…for a mouse.

A mouse. -__-

So I took matters in my own hands.  I bought some Raid and got to spraying.

I’ve seen two roaches this past week.  It’s time for the re-up.

I don’t play.

Odd Future Roach Gang KILL THEM ALL!

K to the…

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