#31WriteNow Day 22 - Throwback Thursday

*Facebook Note from September 25, 2008.  Enjoy.*

A Bird in the...Office, Beats Two in the Bush

Greetings and salutations everyones and everyones. It has been a while since I blessed the fb world with my ignance via notes. But today, I just HAD to write about what I experienced at approximately 8:35a this morning

First of all, today started off pretty good. I was up earlier than usual so I could go take my mom her b-day gift before heading to work. I scooped up The Diva to take her to work...save her some f...oh wait, she's a senior citizen. They ride for free. D'oh! Anywho, she said I was going to have her at work too early, so I dropped her off at Carsons. Sounds like another excuse to shop.

So I get to work, get my breakfast out the cafeteria and head on upstairs to my office. I share my office with another accountant, and usually she beats me here, but not today. So, I proceed to unlock the door with breakfast, RedEye and Solange's CD (It's hot!) in my hand. I open the door and I see an unusually large, dark colored object flying across the room and lands on the shelf above of my desk. What is this object? A d@mn bird.

Kid you not.

So I'm like "What the?" Nobody else is in their office, so I'm just standing there...in awe, with all this ish in my hand. I go to find someone to share this discovery with, and my officemate walks up. I'm like "Yo, it's a bird in our office." She's in disbelief too.

So another co-worker comes out and overhears us chatting and somehow directs the bird to a window in the hallway. This brave, male coworker of mine actually GRABS the bird, holds it till we get the screen open and let the bird loose. End of the story? Negative!

So I finally walk in my office and sit down...literally LMAO at what I just witnessed. I send a big dumbauss mass text message to people cuz I'm still in awe. So we're looking around, and I notice there is bird poop up by my officemate's printer. It's just a little, but Tweety bird's dark-feathered cousin (We'll call him Sweety) pooped on a spot that isn't easily cleaned.

So, how did Sweety get in the office? Well, the window in my office can't be opened, so I figured when the clean-up crew came through last night to clean the offices, Sweety came through an open window in the hallway, flew in here and called NR7-141 his home for the night. End of story? Negative squared!

Let's fast forward to approximately 11:30a. I proceed to grab some papers on my desk. The papers I needed were under the RedEye I had with me this morning. I lift up the RedEye and what do I see...bird poop on this check request that had all the required signatures on it. Laughter resumes again. So imagine reading a post-it from an accountant starting with "Due to a bird...yes a bird flying in my office last night..." Yess, I did write this on the Post-It.

I swear nothing can mess up this day. I mean really...absolutely...NOTHING!

Moral of the story:
Don't let bird poop make your day a sh*##y day! lol Happy Thursday!

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