#31WriteNow Day 24 - "Bifcake" Chronicles: I Don't Think So!

I am very honest when it comes to dealing with guys I'm dating, or in relationships with. This can be blamed on my first love. You know how Quincy and Monica met in “Love & Basketball”?  That was us, back in ’91 or ’92. There wasn’t a basketball rim in someone’s backyard, though. There was a milk crate on the light pole in an alley in Chatham-Avalon.  As we went from friends to being a couple about 10 years after we met, there was always great communication between us.  If a question was asked, an honest answer was given. These weren't insecure, jealous questions; just random questions to spark conversation.

I haven’t been with him since 2002. However, I've gone into relationships with the expectation of my partner being open and honest with me as I am with him. It seems to be a "curse"...a "curse" that has been a factor in why the 4 relationships I’ve been in since 2003 have failed.

This week, I got a friend request on Facebook from an ex. I ignored the request and I sent a message asking what he wanted.  He responded, stating he wanted to say hello and was confused as to why I asked the question.  I proceeded to remind him of the last time there was any correspondence between us.  It was in 2010, via a text message he sent to his sister, in which he said:

“Tell Kenya I said ‘F*** her!’”

Oh, I aired that nigga OUT on Facebook and Twitter. First, middle AND last name. Thank God for growth, though.  I had forgiven him way before this apology I received during the exchange this week.

After, politely*, reading him, he states:

“One thing I’ve always loved about you is you always tell the truth.”

Hmm.  I couldn't tell when we were together.  And I couldn't tell when we attempted to be friends in the years since we were together.  Now he wants my number so we can talk.

This "rekindle friendship->act like an ass->disappear->repeat" cycle.

Miss me with that.

K to the...

*I say “politely” because I didn’t curse him out.  I’m classy.

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