#31WriteNow Day 28 - Unpopular Opinion pt. deux

Title is self-explanatory.  Let's get it!


I love drinking milk! I haven't been cursed with lactose intoleration in this dancerie...yet. I'll, gladly, accept a glass of 2% milk. Add some Strawberry Nesquik to the glass?  Deliciousness! Chocolate milk post-workout? Awesomeness!


Tasty? Yes!  Nutritious? Depending on how it's made, yes!  Is my life out of whack when my "chicken levels are low"? No. 


Keep your bacon-scented, bacon-flavored, bacon-wrapped, bacon-soaked, bacon-slapped items away from me! Though I don't eat bacon often, I do love it.  But I don't need my dessert to have bacon pieces in it. Nope.


Greek, American, French, Indonesian, Sri Lankan...get that away from me! Yogurt tastes like bad decisions. No thanks!



Jhene Aiko

My opinion hasn't changed.

Feel free to share your unpopular opinions.

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