#31WriteNow Day 29 - #Realissue Thursday

I asked my peeps for topics to write about as the challenge comes to a close.  My girl, DJ T-Race, posed the following question which made me cackle:

"Why is it that we never see baby pigeons?"

After I cackled, I said "Self?"  Self said "Girl, that's a deep question!" So I was thinking.

You know, with my brain.

Do pigeons come out mother pigeon's vagina as a full-size pigeon? Do they age faster than dogs?  Like, is a pigeon at 2 months the equivalent of a 5-year-old pigeon?

All this talk about Destiny Hope Cyrus and her flat ass "twerking"...let's talk about the real issues, people!

Do baby pigeons exist?  

K to the...

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