#31WriteNow Day 7 - MYOB

In a rambling post last month, I mentioned that my grandmother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  I didn't realize how few people I told until I got texts saying "I didn't know."  As much as I'd like to go into details on the challenges of dealing with someone who suffers from this incurable disease, I can't.

Back in 2011, too much drama was occurring in my life due to tweets being scrutinized.  I would tell my grandmother about it and she would tell me not to put my business out on the Internet.  She hates the Internet.  She would tell me if I need to get it out, write it down or talk to someone about it.  I feel like this should apply to her condition, as well.

At times, I feel like my friends are tired of hearing me talk about her condition.  It's not something I talk about everyday, but talking about it can kill a good mood, ya know.

I will say as her condition worsens, mine and my mother's coping mechanisms have gotten better as we've gotten used to the situation.  We're each other's rock.  And I cherish every moment Mei-Mei and I spend together: frustrating or funny.

K to the...

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