#31WriteNow Day 8 - My fave number

It's August 8th.

Eighth day of the 8th month of the year.

Yeah, it's my favorite number.

It goes back to 8th* grade when my grammar school finally had a girls' basketball team.  When picking a jersey number, I didn't want the same number as anyone else in the NBA.  I chose #18.  I still have my jersey and I might still be able to fit it.

Shut up.

Get to high school and I was unable to have "18" as a jersey number during the season.  In the summer league, it didn't matter.  But, Coach Penny (RIP) never ordered shirts with "18" on the back.  But he always had "8", so that's what I'd always pick.  And it's been with me since.

NJ Nets jersey from undergrad

Bears jersey

Class ring.  That wasn't my jersey number.
Since 8/8 is amongst us, let's hope it's a good day for me.

K to the...


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