#31WriteNow Day 9 - Cubicle Chronicles: 3 Feet, No Pressure.

There's a guy at my job who doesn't understand the meaning of personal space.  When I first started working here, I noticed he'd want to shake my hand every time we saw each other.  Because of this handshake, I would have to feel this ashy, sandpaper hands.  He works in the kitchen, washing dishes.  So naturally, his hands are extra dry due to all of the washing.  Understandable.  But, his hands still felt gross.

After a week or so, I switched it up on him.  I hit him with the "fist bump."
Ever since that fateful day, over a year ago, he is obsessed with making sure every time I see him, we fist bump.  I've been followed around the cafeteria so that there is a fist bump.  I've had my path in the hallway blocked so there is a fist bump.

Ugh.  Back the hell up, dude!

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