Basketball Chronicles: Respect

Due to, possibly, the Bears opener, there wasn't a lot of bodies on the court. The hoop session ended about an hour earlier than usual. I wasn't quite ready to leave after getting a win, but I was ready to go watch the Bears.

So, I made a little joke to the guys who were getting ready to leave. Keep in mind, I'm 2-5 years older than the guys I was joking with. I called them "old".

Well, someone felt some type of way about the joke and proceed to downplay what I go through on the court.

"You don't get banged up as much as we do. All you do is stand out there and shoot."


Let me remind you at 5' 5 1/2", maybe 130 lbs, I am the smallest person on the court. There is a dude shorter than me on the court, but he has more weight. I'm playing against guys faster and stronger than me. I'm playing against guys who have been gassed to think they are post players because they can back me (and only me) down in the paint. I'm playing against guys who challenge me when I'm on offense and when I'm on defense; which I appreciate. I've NEVER asked anyone to show me any type of mercy on the court.


I've been playing this game for 20+ years. I won't allow anybody to downplay what I go through when I step on that court.

I guess me wearing an ankle brace and knee band is just for show.

K to the...


Look at God!