The Jukebox is pleased.

September 2013 has been the month of great album releases. I can't remember the last time I bought this many albums in one month.

Yes, I buy albums.

Below are the albums that have been in rotation this month.

This was released in July, but I finally copped in September.
Pharrell left his mark on this joint.
John is in love...and I am here for it!
I'm a huge fan. I even got my mom hooked on them and my
boo-in-my-head Zo!.
Don't let the OFWGKTA affiliation scare you.
The Internet is a dope group.
So many adjectives have been given to Drake. But what you
WILL NOT call him is "inconsistent".
Part 2 has a different feel than Part 1. Timbo stay killing it!
Happy Friday!

K to the...

Validation Pt. 2: Don't Get It Twisted