Basketball Chronicles: No.

My ex and I are members of the same gym. When we were together, I visited with him a few times and loved it. Obviously, I didn't let a break-up affect where I go to "get it right, get it tight."

Because of previous experiences (click the "basketball" tag below for a recap), I don't get involved with guys from the gym. And, I'm definitely not trying to get involved with ANYONE connected to my ex. I don't care if the connection is a weekly hoop session.


However, someone at the gym has forgotten that stance that I've made perfectly clear when dealing with Lt. DanielsOne of my good male friends says this someone may feel like he's an exception to my rule because he talks to me like I'm one of the fellas. The sexts and pics he's shown me...cheese and rice!

So two weeks ago, this happens
Excuse me?! What happened to asking?
Because of my straightforward response, this past Sunday, I had to hear him whine MULTIPLE TIMES about how I'm not his girl anymore...

...while holding a wall decal I ordered for him that he didn't give me the money for on Sunday because the money for the decal had to be used to pay an unexpected fee at the gym.

He told me that I could have told him why he couldn't come over. Is "OK I guess not" code for "Why"? I don't speak "Man"...someone help me out. After getting annoyed with his whining, I told him "You're being sensitive about this because I don't text you like these strags whose messages you show to me."

Please note, this is the same person who has had people asking him if we've had sex because they see us sitting on the sideline, talking and laughing. If that's the case, I'm juicing a few dudes; including the gentleman who graduated from h.s. before my mom hit puberty that I chat with whenever I see him.

Looks like I have to go back to keeping to myself on Sundays.

K to the...

"Bifcake" Chronicles: I'm out.

Cubicle Chronicles: Oh, really!?!