"Bifcake" Chronicles: I'm out.

I got stood up two times this year. And I didn't get stood by some random dudes. No, these were guys I've known for more than 15 years; one I've known, basically, since birth.  The first "stand-up" wanted to take me to dinner; the second, meet up for drinks. The first "stand-up" I shrugged off because of the type of person he is. I could a write an entire blog series on this assh-...


The second "stand-up" I shrugged off, as well. I wasn't pissed because he wasn't responding to any of my texts the day of to confirm if we were still meeting up and if he decided on a location (Ya know, since it was his idea to meet up.). I wasn't pissed because of the "reason" for us not meeting up, which was told, maybe, 2 hours after we were supposed to me up (I honestly don't remember the timing. Number and texts were deleted after I got the "reason".).

None of that pissed me off because I had PATrick RONald and "Kill Bill" on DVD.

A couple of weeks later, he announces on Facebook the birth of his 2nd child.

So yeah...this dating thing?

Y'all can have it. I'm out.

F**k ninjas, get apples and grapes.

K to the...


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