"...at [9lbs] when I was born, I didn't give her no pain."

Today marks the beginning of a new year. Year 30, was when my "f*** it" kicked into high gear. Things that were important before were no longer priority. After my grandmother's diagnosis, toxic relationships were handled:

  • Cursed out my mother's oldest brother.
  • Distanced myself from my bitter ass coworker and her miserable ass miserableness.
  • Confronted my father about the shitty relationship between his daughter* and I. He blamed her mother's jealousy of me on the shittiness...as if he isn't OUR father.
  • Stopped sugar-coating with these weak ass men I encounter (on the court, exes, those in pursuit, etc.).

Year 30 had its great moments, but overall, it was mentally and spiritually draining.

So, what will Year 31 bring?

Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday, Kenya!

K to the...

*Not to be confused with "The Troll," my 18 year old sister. Two totally different people.

Music Monday - 12.16.13

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